Getting your website seen...

Many businesses still think that having a new website will generate more visitors and generate more sales. If only that was true!

In order for those two things to happen businesses really need to reach out to the potential customers that are searching for the kind of products and services that they are offering.

At Bathurst Design we have gained many years of experience in placing websites at the forefront of customer attention. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) web marketing you really can achieve natural rankings on Page 1 of Google and stay there!

Bathurst Design also offers a range of effective online marketing tools that can give your business the leading edge. E-newsletters and E-zine facilities, for example, are super ways of maintaining the attention of your customers by letting them know about new products, special offers etc.

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Content Marketing Management for Today’s Online World

Stop stressing about Content Marketing Management and leave it to the pros. We have many years of experience with Content Marketing, Digital Trends, and Data Analysticto bring you a content marketing strategy that works. In today’s digital landscape, if you don’t have a content marketing strategy, you don’t have a strategy at all.
If you want to stay ahead of your competitors and increase your organic traffic, you’ll need content as a part of your marketing strategy in order to keep your website relevant and up-to-date. Our team will perform in-depth keyword research to extract the best targets for your business and use their findings to generate a high-performance campaign.
Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Business
SEO Strategy Drives Conversions
 Boosts Organic Traffic
Content marketing plays a pivotal role in your SEO strategy. It gives visitors a reason to share your content which directs more traffic and linkability to your site.
 Studies show that websites with a content marketing strategy experience conversion rates almost 6x higher than those without. A solid strategy shows to pay off.
Valuable content is a great source of organic traffic. Visitors are more likely to share it on the web and on their social media channels, giving more people a reason to visit your site.
Qualified Leads Builds Awareness Fosters Relationships
Getting the perfect piece of content in front of the right person at the perfect time is the aim of the game. When you succeed at this you’ll increase your qualified leads. Content marketing enables you to show your thought leadership in your specific industry. Create engaging, consumable content your audience will want to share. Attract your perfect customers and turn them into brand advocates by nurturing your client relationships with high-quality, valuable content that they’ll love.