Free Mockup

If you are interested, I can, at no cost to you, do a quick mock-up home page for your business using essentially the information you already have on your current site so you can get an idea of what direction I can take you in. Not all the linking pages/info is live, but lets you get a feel for what I can do.
The site I build will be mobile-responsive and indexed correctly for Google search engines to improve your search ranking and I will provide free SEO for 1 year. Everything is 100% customizable and can be changed to your liking, but this will help give you a visual representation of your site’s potential.
I know the industry! I have worked with multiple companies assisting with their website presence. My latest project from a front to back re-development/design of Exquisite Quilts along with Tshirt Quilts Canada and Barbara Elias  
If you are interested in speaking about your website, please feel free to reach out! I also specialize in digital marketing, SEO, SEM, and analyzing your site's data to keep your audience engaged and on your site longer!